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Grab the Cat is a production company that looks at society with its own eyes and develops daring projects, relying on innovative writing and new formats, with no boundaries as to genre or media.

We produce documentaries, video games, fiction and animation, for cinema, television or new media, always looking for the truth in each theme that we reach, without complacency, but often with originality and humour.

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Are you happy
Are you happy

are you happy

Short film directed by Paolo Cedolin Petrini.

the story

Overprotected by his mother Caroline, Daniel is a young teenager living reclusive and isolated from the outside world. Since the death of his father, he is forced to undergo daily routine, boring and oppressive, set up by his mother.

The life of the teenager finds himself upset when a new neighbor makes her arrival in the disrict thus raising questions about his happiness.


Arnaud Jouan is playing Daniel

Gabrielle Lazure is playing Caroline

Juliette Biry is playing Anne

Director : ​​Paolo Cedolin Petrini

Screenplay and Writing Credits : Paolo Cedolin Petrini et Arnaud Jouan

Photography : Guillian Verstiggel

Set Decoration : Loic Vanelle

Costume Design : Mathilde Leveque

Film Editing : Nicolas Bonnet

Country : France

Language : French

Subtitles : English

Color : yes

Aspect ratio : 2:35

Category : Drama

Length : 15 minutes

the trailer

Trailer Are You Happy

prizes and awards


First Prize young director at the 5th National Short Film Festival EurydiceExternal link of Fécamp.

Are you happy


  • International Short Film Festival "In the Palace" 2016, Bulgaria.
  • Screened at "Les Courts du Vendredi", an event by Fenêtres sur Cour and Le Zoom.
  • Screened for "Courts-Métrages" night at the Apollo Theatre, Pontault Combault.
  • Paris Short Film Festival 2017.

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La toile inconnue
La toile inconnue

la toile inconnue

Short film directed by Nelson Castro.

the story

« The heart wants what the heart wants », they say. But can love push an ordinary man to commit a crime ?

And what if the object of that love was not a person… but a painting?

Bruno, a simple policeman, will have to take over a surprising investigation, long left without an answer, and face the strangest of confessions from the thief of a long lost painting.


Matila Malliarakis is playing Patrick

Cédric Burgle is playing Bruno

Jean-Matthieu Hulin is playing Francis

Julia Roy is playing Julia

Laura Malvarosa is playing Valéria

Paloma Coquant is playing Bénédicte

Eglantine Eméyé is playing the Journalist 1

Chloé Mouchoux is playing the Journalist 2

Director : ​​Nelson Castro

Screenplay and Writing Credits : Nelson Castro, Jérémy Néou et Eddy Fluchon

Photography : Senda Bonnet

Set Decoration : Libertad Castro

Costume Design : Anna Deluche

Film Editing : Nelson Castro

Music : Denis Levaillant

Country : France

Language : French

Subtitles : English

Color : yes

Aspect ratio : 2:35

Category : Comedy-Drama

Length : 25 minutes



  • Screened during the "Night of Museums" 2016 at the Art and History Museum in Melun.
  • Screened at the Delacroix Museum of Paris.
  • Screened for "Courts-Métrages" night at the Apollo Theatre, Pontault Combault.
  • Festival Les Saisons Parisiennes in St.Petersbourg 2017.
En chantier
En chantier

en chantier

Short film, written and directed by Julie Grossetête.

Copyrights : ASG Studio.External link

the story

Simon lives alone with his mother Elodie, in a house in perpetual reconstruction. He deeply feels Elodie's absence, obsessed as she is with the work on their house. Fascinated by machines, Simon finds comfort and company in a forgotten backhoe in a neighbouring field…


With : Joana Preiss as Elodie and Sacha Hannauer as Simon.

Produced by Eddy Fluchon / Grab the cat

Executive producer : Jonathan Schall

DOP : Antoine Aybes-Gille

Art director : Valérie-Elder Fontaine

Sound mixer : Jérémie Vernerey

Sound post-production and Score : Nicolas Cadiou

Choregraphy : Christine Erbé, Cie Beau Geste

With the support of Région Alsace and Envie d'agir aid system.

the teaser

Teaser En Chantier

prizes and awards

  • Golden elephant at the 27th Travelling Festival (Rennes).
  • Prize of the Departemental Council and Special Mention Secondary school’s Prize at the 16th International First Short Film Festival of Pontault-Combault.
  • Jury’s Special Mention at the 19th Festival Ecran libre of Aigues-Mortes.
  • Special mention Best Short for 6y-9y by Young Jury and Best Short for 15y-18y by Young Jury at KINOdiseea International Children Film Festival 2016 (Bucharest-Romania).


ficmo 201610th-icffb
  • 10th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh.
  • Cinekid Screening Club 2016, at the Andorra Kids Film Festival.
  • 2016 edition of the International children's filmfestival Filem'On in Brussels.
  • Second Muestra of short movies Buenos Aires/Paris.
  • 2016 edition of Ottawa International Short Film Festival OISFFExternal link (Canada).
  • Vittorio Veneto Film Festival 2016 – Kids and Teens Film Festival (Italy).
  • 2.3rd Edition of ARCIPELAGO - International Festival of Short Films and New Images (Rome).
  • Screened during "La fête des courts métrages" 2016 (Saint Julien du Tournel).

Broadcasted by Spafax Air Canada.

act’art at the movies !

image en chantier

This year, Act’art was co-organiser and jury member for the regional award ceremony of the first Pontault-Combault Short Film Festival, in which its members of the jury were high school students. After last year’s success of « Molii », this year sees « En Chantier » taking this years’ regional prize, overtaking votes. In this prize-winning short film, director Julie Grossetête depicts a child living in a house that is under construction and opened to the four winds set against a backdrop of his mother living everyday life. A boy finds an unexpected refuge in an excavator. A jackhammer drills repeatedly and never stops. It all leads to a beautiful ballet performance.

Following this, nearly 200 teachers attended the three days of training « Collège au Cinéma » organised by Act'art and its partners in the new Cinéparadis in Fontainebleau. On the program : screenings of the season's films, presentations by directors and academics, sequence analysis workshops, a conference on the subject of light in cinema... In short, a rich and complete program allowing for a real work on the issues of image education as it is promoted by the partners of the « Collège au Cinéma » in the Department.

Collège au cinéma's websiteExternal link

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From Transperceneige to Snowpiercer

snowpiercer, from the blank page to the black screen

A documentary on the destiny of a forgotten french comic which became the biggest Korean blockbuster.



the media are talking about it

from the blank page to the black screen

« Fascinating »
Télé Loisirs
Studio Cinélive
« What interests us today is this  bonus. Present in each DVD edition, ‹ From the blank page to the black screen › directed by Jésus Castro. Instructive as well as moving »
Cinema Teaser
« This collector DVD edition tells us more about the adaptation from the comic (…) through an instructive documentary by Jésus Castro »
L’Ecran Fantastique
« The documentary, just like the adventure in the film, focuses on humans and feelings. The result is fascinating ! »
Metaluna magazine
« A precious witness, both captivating and moving »
Capture Mag
« A magnificent logbook taking us, in 55 minutes, from the birth of the comic through the creation of the movie »
Mad Movies
« The Blu-ray, like the DVD, is worth your while (…) for its bonus features, especially a very moving documentary »
Ciné Télé Obs

screening at the platoon kunsthalle in seoul, june 6, 2014

projection seoul projection seoul projection seoul projection seoul projection seoul

Broadcasted at the 41st Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d'Angoulême, at the Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée (Angoulême), at the 6né BD Festival (Paris) and at the Rencontres du 9th Art (Aix-en-Provence).

Wild Side

available in dvd and blu-ray !

Since April 2014, « Snowpiercer, from the blank page to the black screen » is available in DVD and Blu-ray as a bonus feature of the movie « Snowpiercer » edited by Wild Side ! External link

in the spotlight at angoulêmeExternal link in 2014 !

« Snowpiercer, from the blank page to the black screen » was screened in two exceptionals premieres January 15, 2014 at the Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée and January 31, 2014 at the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée.

CIBDI Angoulême 2014

grab develops

They are watching us ! ! !
they are watching us ! ! !

they are watching us ! ! !

Original animation tv show (26 × 5′) created by Mathias Cremadez and Eddy Fluchon.

are humans dangerous for the interstellar balance ?

Aliens, The Globians, (inhabitants of the « Globe » planet) are silently observing us from a laboratory established on the hidden side of the moon, to create an encyclopaedia of humanology and to answer this delicate question.

Their method : take everyday life objects like animals, plants through a teleporting ray and test them in their huge modular lab.

Unfortunately, even if they are meticulous precise and organised… their conclusions are completely wrong !

With the support of Région Poitou-Charentes and the CNC.

Coproduced by 2 minutesExternal link


Des équilibres

Des équilibres

des équilibres

Feature length documentary.

Shoving aside all our prejudices, « Des équilibres » makes us discover the particular story of dancer and choreographer Guillaume Bordier.

grab the team

  • After ten years designing taillamps, Eddy goes through a vocational retraining to be able to fully live his passion : script-writing. A choice that proved a wise one.

    He was script director on Diego et Ziggy (Canal+ Family, BBC) and Mon Robot et Moi (France 3, Canal J).

    He is also a writer on other animation productions : Grabouillon (France 5), OVNI (Canal+), Mon pote le fantôme (Disney), Marcus Level (TF1), Corneil et Bernie (Canal J), Mia (Tiji).

    Strong of those experiences, he now becomes a cat "grabber".

    Write to Eddy : Profile : Watch his LinkedIn profileExternal link

  • The strange combination of his name and surnames already proves it : Jésus likes paradox. Author, director, journalist, camera operator, sound engineer, he collects experience after experience on ambitious documentary projects (France Télévisions, Canal+…)

    He is also a long time work partner of Nils Tavernier and co-author of his last two films : Le Mystère des Jumeaux (France 3) and Et Après, Docteur ? (France 5).

    With a latin american origin and a french culture, he doesn't hesitate to work in Japan and Korea, where he directed the making of Bong Joon-ho's last two films : Mother [2009] and Snowpiercer [2013].

    Full Resume : Resume DOC Resume PDF Write to Jésus : Profile : Watch his LinkedIn profileExternal link

  • Long Zhou

    Write to Long :

  • GRAB THE CAT's manager, Shanshan has a degree in Company Management and has a master in language (English-Chinese) and International Trade. Her personal and professional experiences added to her intercultural skills made her move away from the trade industry to get closer to culture and society.

    But above her technical skills, it's interest and awe for the audiovisual creation that motivates her.

    Culture is the cement of her identity, thus encouraging the exchange of rich ideas and human relations.

    Write to Shanshan :

grab the cat team one year after The Strike Team.
grab the cat team one year after Already one Year.

Photo copyright : Urszula GleisnerExternal link

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